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About This Website - Marijuana Legalization: A Bad Idea

The controversy that surrounds the legalization of marijuana for recreation use and the harmful impact on society continues to be a topic of debate. This website will provide you with sufficient factual information on marijuana that will help you make your own informed decision on this important issue. Thank you for caring and taking the time to become more informed. Is marijuana really harmful as well as addictive? What are marijuana's negative consequences to society? What would be the impact if marijuana was legalized for recreational use? How does a person counter the argument of the pro marijuana legalization lobby? NOTE: We will be periodically updating and adding information to the website. Please visit again.


Top 10 Reasons NOT to Legalize Marijuana

10. It Would Still Be Illegal - In July 2011 the federal government reaffirmed marijuana as a Schedule I substance; i.e., no accepted medical use and high abuse potential. Therefore, its possession and use remains a federal crime. Since federal law preempts state law, marijuana would still be illegal in Colorado.


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Organizations Opposed To Legalizing Marijunana?

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Marijuana Legalization: The Issues


Question: Before we discuss marijuana, can you give me a crash course in drug policy?

Answer: That's a great place to start.  Too many people express opinions about drug abuse without understanding the basic factors involved in drug policy.  In this country, drug policy includes enforcement, prevention and treatment, all working together for a common purpose.

Question: Why should government care whether people use drugs?

Answer: Because of the devastating social, human and economic damage caused by drug abuse.  Civilized society has a responsibility to protect its citizens by regulating harmful substances that potentially places the individual and others at risk.  We enact laws that regulate products from foods to explosives.  The more harmful the product the more restrictive the regulations and laws.  A few examples include drunk driving, possession of explosives, lead levels, child labor, seatbelts, and speeding.  Drugs can be very harmful particularly to the vulnerable youth, where drug abuse often starts.


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Colorado Marijuana - In The News

87-Year-Old Accused of Growing 400 Pot Plants in Backyard
Source: Denver Post

DENVER - An 87-year-old Denver man has been charged for allegedly growing more than 400 marijuana plants in his backyard.

Edward Bogunovich, who lives in west Denver, was charged Friday with multiple felonies: possession with intent to distribute marijuana, more than 100 pounds; cultivation of marijuana, more than 30 plants; and possession of marijuana, more than 12 ounces. [More]

Marijuana is Addictive

Why is it more dangerous and addictive now? Listen to what experts and what parents and teen have to say.

Read more about Marijuana Addiction 


Marijuana Lobby - "Spin" vs. the Truth

Spin: "Taxing marijuana like alcohol and tobacco would result in millions of dollars in additional tax revenue for vital services, such as our schools, which have faced millions in budget cuts over the past few years"

Truth: Marijuana, like alcohol and tobacco, would be taxed and generate revenue.  However, what they fail to mention is that tax revenues from our two legal substances, alcohol and tobacco, cover less than 15% of the economic costs due to use of these substances.  That includes healthcare, treatment, lost productivity, criminal justice costs, traffic crashes and fatalities and drop-outs, to name just a few.  It is reasonable to conclude that the figures with marijuana use, if legalized, would mirror those of alcohol and tobacco.


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